My Story

I have always been interesed in light, how you can use it to set a mood or how to add depth or atracted attention on something, and after i worked a few years in the event industry i wanted tot learn more about how light behaves and what more you can do with lighting. Since I like always liked photography it was a easy step to start with a college education in photography. Because without light you can’t make a photograph.

My view on photography?

Photography is a way to show my reality, where I can alter the story by what is in the image and what is not. This way it also can play with your emotions for instance by controlling the depth of field. It’s a play of light and shadow, a combination of art and technology. I love the fact that it can tell a story without words.


A couple of years a go i bought my first analog camera, and instantly felt in love with it, the whole proces of taking a photo and than later developing the image is something i really enjoy doing. The vibe a analog image has and the way it reacts to light is something i really like, the way it is perfectly imperfect.
So last year i bought a enlager so i can enlagrer the negative completly analog, I also sell these images online, via a Etsy shop for more info about that you can click here!